Who are we?

Growing great companies is the passion of Shane Gibson and Victoria MacLennan own and operate OptimalHQ, a group of companies, incubator and investment vehicle and fantastic co-working space based in the beautiful vibrant Wellington, New Zealand.

OptimalHQ is the Parent Company of three thriving businesses – OptimalBI focused on data, analytics and insight; Optimal Labs focused on application and product development; Optimal People focused on small business support, event management and book keeping. We also operate a Fantastic Co-Working Space located on The Terrace in Wellington providing new businesses with a space and support to launch from:




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OptimalHQ Incubates and Invests in Startups – Flatpak an AgriTech focused business; Loud! In Public focused on Personal Branding; Draper Cormack Group who focus on Public Relations.

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Victoria has many passions, growing great companies, NZInc, Women in Leadership, Women in Technology, raising Digital Literacy, providing equitable access to Technology for all, organisational design, reducing bureaucracy, a Digital led economy and many more.

Working with Shane as the operational arm of OptimalBI has created a platform for growth for Victoria, with investments, advisory and board appointments beyond the OptimalHQ group she juggles a busy workload.

As Co-Chair of NZRise Victoria donates her time to championing NZ Owned Digital and Technology companies working with Government agencies and politicians to ensure this industry will become the #1 export led sector and enable a highly productive economy across all industries.

Victoria is the 2016 IT Professional of the year, awarded by her peers at the IT eXcellence Awards. You can read more about Victoria’s portfolio on LinkedIN and her blogs on Business can be found on this site.

About Shane


Founder of OptimalBI, Shane holds an ambitious vision for the Digital and Technology sector. He is a leading voice in the Agile, Business Intelligence and Disruptive Technology space and shares his passion for making information visible with clients and peers taking them on a journey of discovery encouraging innovation, transparency and openness.

Shane champions Open Data and Open Source initiatives, is a vocal advocate for transparency while creating conditions for commercial opportunities to thrive. He actively promotes the democratisation of previously expensive tools and techniques Open standards can bring.

Shane’s ability to see challenges from many angles provides startups and new businesses with a fresh, often totally out-there perspective on opportunities for growth. He has a unique ability to build and grow strong, fully accountable teams whether in a small project or across an organisation.

You can read more about Shane’s project work on LinkedIN and his Blogs on Agile BI on OptimalBI’s website.