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Oh the fun & benefits of a team challenge

The #OptimalBunch enjoyed an awesome challenge in May – 10,000 steps per day with one ultimate victor who achieved the most steps, in total, across the month. We all had loads of fun, competition inspires some creative behaviour including people running to and... read more

Taking time out to be inspired

There is nothing worse than being too busy to attend inspirational events – today was case in point for me, I almost didn’t go along to the Kea New Zealand Inspire Wellington event. So pleased I did go along, listening to both the stories and advice of a... read more

About Victoria

Hello and thank you for reading my blog. This post is to provide you lovely readers with some insight into this somewhat opinionated blogger. I always find it hard to describe myself without telling my life’s story so here are some key facts in bullet form to... read more

Trusting your staff…..can it be done?

It’s not often I find myself still thinking about media articles days and days after I’ve read them, this one has been haunting my thoughts for over a week now. The article tells a former leader Martha Johnsons story, I will admit it is a relatively... read more

Embracing your remote workforce part 2

Leading up to Christmas I posted a blog on Embracing your remote workforce – with tips on how we have encompassed a team who are not all physically located in your offices. It was topical for us at the time having licensed Sococo a tool to provide our team with... read more

Wellington Business Forum 18 March 2014

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Wellington Business Forum 2014, it was an event arranged by the Wellington City Council in partnership with the Wellington Employers Chamber of Commerce. The attendees were a high powered group of business owners, managers,... read more

Xerocon 2014: highs and lows

What’s this blog all about? = my first time attendee’s review of Xerocon 2014. Held at the Viaduct Events centre in the Wynyard Quarter of the Auckland waterfront on February 20th and 21st. A conference for Xero’s customers and add-on partners. My... read more

Xerocon Auckland 2014: who I met

Last week I attended Xerocon, sadly only 1 day of the two after Windy Wellington elected to not live up to it’s name and leave us stranded due to fog. This is my first of two posts on the event about who I met, the 2nd will be on the event experience itself. The... read more

Webstock – The Internet removes barriers

My current standing joke is: “I have a great product idea i’m about to launch I just have to figure out how to build it and then how to sell it” At Webstock one of the many great presentations was by Spoek Mathambo about how the internet is changing... read more

Webstock – I was blown away!

Webstock is one of those events I have always wanted to attend, ever since it started when I was at Xero.  But for some reason or other I never managed to make it. This year I finally sorted my shit and made it and I was blown away!  (and now regret not find the time... read more

Goal alignment – personal vs company goals

Yep goals are my pet topic this week, everyone is being exposed to my goal focus, my partner, my kids and my businesses (plural) and therefore the teams – the lucky ones at OptimalBI in NZ are getting to set their annual expert goal at the moment, where they... read more

12 Blogs til Christmas #12: happy holiday

12 Blogs, 12 days, and now it’s Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, work has finished, people have packed up for holidays, life has evolved into excited anticipation of time to be spent with family and friends, gifts, excessive eating, excessive drinking... read more

12 Blogs til Christmas #10: Keeping it Simple

Not many sleeps until Santa now. Today was Friday, the 3rd last working day before Christmas, for many people the last working day so our office had a very festive feel and was slightly louder than usual, lovely day. I was quite taken by the simplicity of the message... read more