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The art of coping with The Struggle

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all went through life on an even keel, no matter what happened it didn’t phase us? Equally wouldn’t it be awesome if Winston Churchill was right and success was actually going from failure to failure without losing... read more

Are you the CEO your company deserves?

So you launched your company, started your startup and find you are now a CEO! awesome! best job in the world – or is it? Not everyone is cut out to be Founder and CEO of their company, many founders are brilliant at “doing the things their company... read more

Do customer functions have a measurable ROI?

A decision I have been struggling with for months now is whether to hold a customer / client function / party / event in 2014. Applying both my analytical based and my belief’s based decision making skills, researching whether there is a return on investment... read more

Is a complaint free life possible?

Imagine the productivity enhancements a company of positive problem solvers could achieve, nobody criticising their customers or colleagues instead offering constructive and helpful feedback all the time! imagine an enhanced relationship with your friends and family... read more

Bootstrapping your business: learn to close

There are loads of things you need to learn when you startup your own business like public speaking, balancing the books, selecting suppliers and last week I suggested you need to spend some time wearing all the hats so you really understand your own business. One... read more

NZ Inc – solving the talent challenge

One of the most common challenges I hear from other digital and technology sector companies is the shortage of skilled talent for their enterprise, we have a sector which is evolving rapidly in both techniques (agile and dev/ops for instance) and in a new constantly... read more

Women in Business: Golf is not required.

Occasionally I read a blog or post meant for women in business that makes my blood boil, whether it’s image related (dress, make-up and hair tips), or it’s how to behave more like a man or the last one I was moved to blog about quota’s for women in... read more

It’s ok to be a workaholic!

Are you a workaholic? I am. If you are a business owner then, depending on where your business is in it’s lifecycle, workaholic will be your normal mode of operation. If you are an employee then, perhaps you should be a business owner? put all of that effort and... read more

#JuneChallenge – week 1 in review

Yep this is a little cheats blog reviewing how my #JuneChallenge is going given the challenge is to blog every day. It’s going ok, two blogs posted right on midnight barely scraping in, content wise it’s been relatively easy to come up with topics this... read more

Listen to your own little voice

Neville Jordan – CNZM, high flying Kiwi innovator, entrepreneur, Wellingtonian of the Year, first Kiwi to IPO on the NASDAQ, Venture Capital Pioneer – the list of impressive achievements goes on. Neville Jordan is a great story teller, engaging,... read more

There is no secret sauce shortcut to success

One of my pet peeves is reading an article, posted via mainstream media or social media, promising to give me the secrets to success. Being passionate about startups and loving to start new ventures I read everything going in the startup space and in the last week... read more