Have you ever thought about how often you complain about “stuff”, that driver who just cut you up on the motorway, or the person who filled the dishwasher with dirty dishes and didn’t turn it on, or that website with the terrible navigation you struggle to use but have to for something in your life? there are just so many scenario’s we complain about every day, usually many times a day.

photo (2)13 days ago I started the 21 day Complaint Free World challenge, you can read my idealistic, optomistic blog on the concept and why I have joined in here. This is purely an update on how the challenge is progressing, the early lesson’s I have learned about myself (as means of justification for poor performance) and to show you my now rather busy wrist – the purple band is from A Complaint Free World.org, the idea being it gets swapped to the other wrist every time I complain starting the 21 day timer again.

Vic’s Challenge Stats after 13 days:

  • 23ish hours, longest stint without complaining
  • 1 minute, shortest stint without complaining
  • 15 times “goaded” into complaining by someone else – and fell for it
  • Twice asked what he purple wrist band was (one was my 3 year old niece who thought pink would be a better choice of wrist band colour)

What I have learnt about myself after 13 days:

  • Shane can goad me into complaining whenever he likes and I fall for it every single time – not sure how to overcome this yet
  • Top topics I complain about without provocation – NZTE, Grow Wellington and Wellington City Council (will stop here before the complaining starts)
  • I now recognise when I am complaining without it being pointed out (yay) and even notice myself swapping the wristband over subconsciously (oh dear)

Should you try this challenge too? Absolutely!! YES!

  • You become super aware of when you are criticising or complaining
  • Great self discipline to always consider an alternative perspective
  • Inspires others to take leadership roles and reassess their complaint filled lives and turn that around into positive action instead

Will keep you posted on progress in another 13 days or so! hope you can join me in the quest for a complaint free or at least complaint reduced life. Enjoy, Vic.