2014-09-07 13.16.31Isn’t spring awesome! the sun is shining, the days are longer, everyone is a bit more cheerful and we all feel invigorated to DO things – creative things, fun outdoor things, brain stretching things.

Last week I enrolled in a MOOC – a Massively Open Online Course – via Stanford University on Scaling Up your Venture without Screwing Up. As a course it’s awesome , how could it not be with exercises like “Your Favourite ClusterFug” and lectures called “Mindset: Not Footprint” it’s like the people speak my language – oh yeah they do! they are entrepreneurs and they get it.

People are somewhat polarised on the whole MOOC thing it seems, personally I find it hard as a business owner to find study I can both fit into my busy schedule and that addresses the challenges I am facing. Equally I love the idea that education has been disrupted to the extent anyone can access a variety of free education via their computer and internet connection.

The opposing view however is valid too, questioning the quality, the depth of the MOOC’s offered, describing them as advertorial and broadcasting, the erosion of value in higher education and more. Here is a great resource listing many articles from highly pro through to terribly negative on the whole topic of MOOC’s, some noting a lack of maturity in this space as one of the more real issues.

Whatever your view everyone craves new information and experiences so perhaps this education delivery mechanism will prove accessible to those who are unable to engage with traditional education delivered via academic institutes? Happy sharing, Vic.


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