Occasionally I read a blog or post meant for women in business that makes my blood boil, whether it’s image related (dress, make-up and hair tips), or it’s how to behave more like a man or the last one I was moved to blog about quota’s for women in leadership.

Today I read an absolute doozie – How Golf helps women succeed. Now it’s hard to be calm composing this blog, having read it twice I am certain it’s not a piss take, and it claims to be written by a woman (yes much of the advice for women in business is written by men) which means the author considers this to be sound and rational advice for women.

First up I have come to love golf, it’s great exercise, I am terrible at it being the impatient person I am, but do enjoy the hitting (or whacking) part while walking around a lovely park like setting (the green bit). Watching it on the other hand – it’s the 2nd most boring sport to watch after darts, closely followed by snooker in my book.

The basic premiss of the blog is that Golf is the construct by which men bond and is where promotion decisions are made – therefore holding women back blah blah. I do agree there is a sector of the old boys network who golf together, and it is possible that within that small sector of the male business community nepotism comes to the fore. It may be that I am no longer as closely associated with golfing events but they don’t seem to be as frequently held during working hours as corporates cut back on excesses like this so perhaps the tide has started to turn in mainstream terms for men?

So. Why would women want to take up golf other than for fitness reasons? to “fit in” with the old boys network? how insulting and on a par with board appointments based on gender not merit. If there is a racket encouraging women to join it is just wrong – I can’t even articulate an argument for this one, it’s just wrong.

Networking is important, networking is a key to success but there are many wonderful opportunities for networking that don’t involve taking up a sport to spend time with a group of men who consider themselves elite. Play golf with people you enjoy being with, network to make great connections and succeed based on your own merits! Happy sharing Vic.