Are you a workaholic? I am.

If you are a business owner then, depending on where your business is in it’s lifecycle, workaholic will be your normal mode of operation.

If you are an employee then, perhaps you should be a business owner? put all of that effort and energy into your own venture.

Are you sick of being told you are a workaholic? I am.

This time last year my dearly beloved and I were in the Caribbean which I loved! it was a once-in-a-lifetime holiday from an experience perspective and enough to recharge my batteries for a very long time. We take mini-breaks and occasionally I take a whole weekend off working but for the most part I work alot, I hope it’s not because I am inefficient (that’s a whole other story) but because there is just that much to be done and the window of opportunity to grow our business is limited.

People who are not business owners try to council me, offer advice on how not to be a workaholic, give me their hearsay stories on burnout, explain the pressure my problem has on me. They try to do the same with my dearly beloved too, tell him not to “put up with it” that he should “put his foot down” and set boundaries. We compare notes on our way home from a social event when we’ve been party to such an intervention. I know I am lucky to have such a supportive partner in life, he supports my love of businesses, supports my need to network out of traditional working hours, supports my choice to pay myself occasionally and most of all doesn’t try to change me.

Businesses have a lifecycle, they need to go through stages of evolution from startup to survivalist (new term for me, love it) to growth companies before they can become an enterprise if that’s their destiny. Businesses are driven by their founders and owners, as they grow and become more sustainable others can be employed to share the workload taking on other roles and supporting those founders and owners.

The internet is full of advice for workaholics, mostly focused on employees like How to go from working 60 hours a week to 40; and Workaholics and the forgotten holiday; there is also advice on how to change workaholic cultures such as this piece on how Women must fix our workaholic culture. What the internet isn’t full of is positive reinforcements for business owners who need to be workaholics for a while, there are posts that describe the work involved and how hard it can be but few reaffirming that this is normal and this is OK.

The trick is how long you find yourself in this state and letting go – a post for another day.

So if like me, you are a business owner and a workaholic, I say it’s ok to work hard on the business you are passionate about. Happy sharing Vic.

Just to remind me about the wonderful beach at Grand Cayman!

7 mile beach grand cayman

7 mile beach grand cayman


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