Yep this is a little cheats blog reviewing how my #JuneChallenge is going given the challenge is to blog every day. It’s going ok, two blogs posted right on midnight barely scraping in, content wise it’s been relatively easy to come up with topics this week, I still have another 4 in draft from the #KeaInspire event to distribute through the coming week as well so feeling confident for another week at least.

Blog roll week 1:

Others in our team are competing in the #JuneChallenge too with differing levels of success, Nic is holding fast not eating sugar even in the face of Kathryn bringing yummy fudge in to taunt him; Barry has weaned himself off coffee now and enjoying tea or hot chocolates; I believe there are pushups being done, kettle bell weights being used and new pieces learned for various musical instruments too – all good challenges.

Finally just because I love Dilbert this seemed appropriate, enjoy Vic.


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