In this era of information overload there is just so much to read within our limited, precious spare time so it’s important to read meaningful, useful and entertaining content. Much of the content I consume is in the form of a blog or article and find myself hooked into a great story with ease, persevering with the story to it’s conclusion.

Blogs vary vastly in style, content, quality, length, impact and usefulness – so it’s awesome when you come across one that hits all the right notes, is on topic for the title, tells a story and is useful. My favourite this week has been “How to explain the cloud to your spouse” what an awesome title, which proves to be totally spot on for the topic, it tells a great story, uses an analogy to describe a relatively complex topic in an accessible way and can help many of us explain the cloud by reusing this – for me living up to the promise of the title.

Story telling is an age old art which comes naturally to some people and is hard work for others. I know it’s not one of my key strengths so I try to augment my blog posts with either a list of tips or useful links to provide some other value for you wonderful readers out there.

So in keeping with that theme here are a collection of useful posts to help you craft great stories:

The visual art of storytelling is another topic all together so will leave you with a few visual prompts from the wonderful story tellers listed above. Happy sharing, Vic.

story-chart_final cloud

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