picI saw this posted on LinkedIN today – made me laugh. Then it made me think, do inspirational quotes work? why do people think posting them on social media is a good idea?

On one hand they can be awesome to read, nice little breaks in a highly technical or detailed reading focused role, sometimes a quote is posted on social media just at the right time to remind me of something important, but ….

There was a trend in the Tony Robbins era for people to write their goals and inspirational quotes on post-it notes, sticking these all over their homes (on mirrors, walls, doors etc) as motivation via constant reminders and positive affirmations about their lives. For all I know people may still do this and I am oblivious to the practise these days. I can’t help but wonder whether it works? can you change your life, perspective, success, or reach a goal through constant reminders?

Back to the post on LinkedIN today. Social media does seem to be littered with inspirational quotes and I can completely understand where the author of this note is coming from, some people post many of them, others retweet or like them (a lot) to the point it’s sometimes hard to find other posts amongst the inspirational ones.

Not the most insightful blog today more a Friday thought (Shane used to post a Friday thought blog, should get him back into that habit). What do you think? are they a good addition to your life? do they work for you? Personally I can’t commit them to memory so on balance – nice distraction on occasion but don’t really do it for me. Happy sharing, Vic.