Neville Jordan – CNZM, high flying Kiwi innovator, entrepreneur, Wellingtonian of the Year, first Kiwi to IPO on the NASDAQ, Venture Capital Pioneer – the list of impressive achievements goes on.

Neville Jordan is a great story teller, engaging, experienced and insightful. A great choice for Kea New Zealand’s Inspire Wellington event as first speaker. We learned he was a inquisitive, resourceful and enterprising child with a fabulous story about bomb making at the age of 13. How he challenged the traditional and expected path from study into the workforce and up the career ladder instead diverting to NASA via a scholarship (working on Apollo 13) before joining the biggest tech company of the time IBM where he found his entrepreneurial feet and started his first business with $2000 in a bedroom at his Mum’s – and as we New Zealanders all know the rest is history.

His key insights were delivered via stories, most involved scenario’s where he was told something couldn’t be done, or it hadn’t been done before, which provided him with a challenge to find another solution eg: when told he couldn’t list his Tech Company MAS on the NZX he called international directories and asked for the number of the US Stock exchange, listing instead on the NASDAQ! or even more recently when he wanted to list his Venture Capital fund post the Global Financial Crisis and was again told no, he went looking for another market and economy who were innovative, progressive and conducive to growth listing there instead.

4 Key insights from Neville Jordan on Success

I furiously wrote notes (yes with pen and paper) throughout Neville Jordon’s talk which are highly summarised below with 4 key insights on success in business and in life from his talk:

  1. Listen to your own little voice – don’t just accept what others are telling you, back yourself and listen to your own little voice, if you think you can do it find a way
  2. Have confidence in yourself – be confident, you know what you are capable of, other people don’t so have confidence in yourself
  3. Discard the negative people – especially those who haven’t done it themselves, there are always people who will tell you what you can’t do
  4. Use Opposing forces as your inspiration – when someone closes a door use that to inspire you to find another way or another solution

Again, thoroughly inspired by Neville Jordan and his successes, determination and ability to be successful when the environment opposed his vision.

If you ever get the opportunity do go and listen to him speak, and I would love an opportunity to meet him sometime to ask so may more questions! Happy Sharing, Vic.

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