Do you still write lists on a piece of paper? or have you found the perfect productivity app? if you have please tell me about it! would love to find the perfect solution for my permanent state of writing and refactoring to do lists.

Everyone needs lists – whether it’s to remember the minor things that slip the mind, like the groceries, or if you are like me to remember and prioritise pretty much everything. We live in a world where new apps are created daily so I have tried many, sadly for my team they have had to try many too, but somehow, for some reason I continue to revert to good old pen and paper and can’t for the life of me figure out why.

A friend recently spoke at a Nerd Night event about The glorious smell of a new book” a fascinating notion – not quite what I love about books, which is more their tactile nature, but got me thinking – do I revert to pen and paper because I like the experience of writing? or because I like the experience of using a pen and paper?

In my latest quest for a solution to enhancing my productivity last week I read this post “61 Productivity experts reveal their 3 favourite productivity tools” and as a lover of pen and paper wasn’t surprised to find #1 = Pen and Paper! The question the author actually asked was “If you could use only 3 productivity tools for the rest of your life, which 3 would you choose?” which in itself could have resulted in the good old pen and paper making the cut? the fear of losing the tactile and dependable list making combination.

It’s not that I don’t like writing a to do list in a notebook it’s just not practical, nobody can share the list and therefore my workload, no one else has visibility or the ability to prioritise an activity, add an activity or refine one, after crossing a whole heap off a list loses it’s lustre and needs rewriting – leading to a new list. You get the gist. The act of writing something down does assist in committing it to member so there are positive benefits to writing vs typing in an app.

Anyway must get back to the list for this week! Enjoy, Vic.

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