The #OptimalBunch enjoyed an awesome challenge in May – 10,000 steps per day with one ultimate victor who achieved the most steps, in total, across the month. We all had loads of fun, competition inspires some creative behaviour including people running to and from work, others walking for meetings – which was actually quite awesome – and yesterday on the 31st of May I know there was a marathon length run, a mountain tramped and another person who played one game and refereed another game of football, all to maximise their steps for the month.

As a coalescing team building exercise all competing in the same challenge had a huge upside. We had a common goal, were speaking a common language and stronger still it created a great sense of inclusion. It’s the 1st of June today and we have elected to all embark on individual challenges which include giving up coffee for a month, giving up sugar for a month and weight training every day for the month. I am hopeful in July we will return to a team challenge so we can leverage and build on the benefits of May’s challenge.

Now to my personal achievement in May – I was terrible, I injured myself twice, forgot the wear my fitbit loads of days so didn’t count my steps and after starting to count my calories with a hiss and a roar even stopped using the fitbit software for that too.

June therefore must be better! a challenge I will totally engage with and remember to achieve. My chosen individual challenge is to write a blog everyday. With the 5 Inspire Wellington event blogs in draft I am feeling confident writing this – but hey things change as a month goes on.

My advice – if you can engage your team in a competitive yet healthy or stimulating challenge do! Happy sharing, Vic.

Footnote: Shane was away in May, still competing in our step challenge and nearly winning at one stage. So we had to prepare the office for his return, here are a couple of pics – Manny is hidden in the phone box and there are directional lines for Shane to find everything (kitchen, loo, printer etc) from his desk. Enjoy.

phone box direction lines

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