kea inspireThere is nothing worse than being too busy to attend inspirational events – today was case in point for me, I almost didn’t go along to the Kea New Zealand Inspire Wellington event. So pleased I did go along, listening to both the stories and advice of a group of successful New Zealanders was well worth the time. I also have to thank Terri from Verve for inviting me along. 

What is Kea New Zealand?

My OE was 25 years ago now and landing in London meeting kiwi’s involved NZ House, a few specific pubs and kiwi band gigs (there were many). Reading this statement from their website Kea would have been an awesome network – now offered via a phone app – for me 25 years ago:

“Kea is a global community of Kiwis and friends of NZ that exists to inspire, connect and enable a borderless nation of one million advocates, champions and storytellers for New Zealand.”

Conceived by Stephen Tindall and David Teece as – in part – a funding mechanism to enable launching of Kiwi firms into new global markets. Funding today appears to be primarily government based with a number of private sponsors and partners.

You can read about Kea and it’s history on their website. It looks like anyone can join so just do it, download the app and see whether you can leverage the network – looks like an awesome idea.

What are these Inspire Events?

Until I was invited to attend I had never heard of the annual Inspire event series, Inspire Wellington, Inspire Auckland and Inspire Christchurch are in their 3rd year. From their website a brief description:

“… the Inspire Days tell the stories of internationally successful individuals who have made their mark on the world stage. The speakers are members of Kea’s influential World Class New Zealand network; a network of Kiwi leaders at the top of their field based in New Zealand and abroad.”

Who were the Inspirational speakers at Inspire Wellington?

I will write posts on the key messages from each of these speakers and link to those posts here over the coming days. All great speakers, unfortunately due to snow in the south island Murray Brennan who was a scheduled speaker couldn’t attend. The other 5 speakers were:

  • Neville Jordon
  • Rebekah Campbell
  • Hal Josephson
  • Erica Crawford
  • Catherine Mohr

My wee summary

The speakers were all new to me and really interesting, great stories and insights. The audience was under half of Soundings Theatre full so I am sure disappointing for organisers – but as I have mentioned until I was invited I had no idea this event existed (perhaps they should use Verve as their event managers). There was no opportunity to network which was really disappointing, we arrived sat in rows, had a 10 minute break half way – where I tried talking to the people around me – and then back into it. With the kind of audience I anticipate they had expected a networking opportunity would have solidified the value.

There was a Kea Network sales pitch theme throughout as well, completely understandable with good successful connections made across the globe demonstrated as examples of Kea’s network success.   Overall, glad I attended and honestly learned so much! Happy sharing, Vic.

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