Hello and thank you for reading my blog. This post is to provide you lovely readers with some insight into this somewhat opinionated blogger.

I always find it hard to describe myself without telling my life’s story so here are some key facts in bullet form to keep it short.

  • Name, Victoria MacLennan
  • Born in New Zealand
  • Myers Briggs, ENTJ
  •  TMI profile, Creative / Innovator
  • Workaholic, coffee snob, movie lover, occasional crafter, gluten & sugar free baker, market shopper and techo at heart

Passionate about:

  • Everything! with my family pretty high on the list of everything
  • Business, starting, growing, disrupting and innovating
  • Sharing, communicating and collaborating – we can do so much more together
  • Challenges, learning, sharing, envisaging the potential

Personal Values:

  • Don’t be dodgy – there is always an ethical path
  • Generosity pays (Karma) – sharing your time, ideas and experiences
  • Be authentic and accountable
  • Change is good

Causes – these change over time but I am always passionate about people, causes, events, initiatives etc etc (my children will appreciate they aren’t on this list at the moment):

  • NZ Rise – supporting a World Class New Zealand Technology sector and encouraging collaboration among NZ Tech businesses
  • Sustainable Palm Oil – supporting companies who exclusively incorporate sustainably sourced palm oil into their products
  • Open everything – OpenSource,  OpenData
  • Startups – currently very passionate about supporting startups and helping them grow into growth companies! so many awesome ideas and people involved, love it!

Hats – passionate about challenges I wear a few different hats, also love to wear a nice hat and have been know to quote Edward de Bono on occasion:

  • OptimalBI – my day job, filterer of Shane’s fabulous ideas, director of traffic, proof reader and Managing Director
  • IntegrationWorks – a fabulous company I have had a long history with, as a satisfied customer and now as a board member (Independent Director)
  • NZ Rise – member, board member and newly appointed Treasurer for one of my current causes – NZ business success
  • Touchtech – advisory board member for another awesome company I am thrilled to be involved with, great products, great brand
  • Loud In Public – chief cheerleader, incubator and advisor for the wonderful Lou, Wellington’s dedicated PR agent

Contact information:

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/optimalhq

Find me on LinkedIN: http://nz.linkedin.com/in/victoriamaclennan

Other contact details: http://optimalbi.com/who-we-are/optimal-team/victoria-maclennan/