Last week I finished #100happydays a challenge to post a photo of what made me happy for 100 consecutive days. After the initial elation as I posted that final tweet had abated I realised I had finally formed a habit – on day 101 the evening came around and I reached for my iPad to tweet, and again on day 102, 103, 104…. something I had surmised in my last post “It takes 21 times to form a habit – what a load of bull” but still came as a wee surprise.

So with this new void in my life I started looking for what to do next. It’s really important for business owners, especially obsessive compulsive ones like myself, to have a vast range of other interests to distract the mind and stimulate creativity. Distracting the mind leads to the best ideas and insights and occasionally even epiphanies! It helps keep us sane when working every hour of the day and is an extension of your personal brand, helping your customers and partners gain insight into who you are too.

Back to the story. The wonderful Mike Riversdale told me about Matt Cutts from Google and his philosophy of trying something new for 30 days “If you want to learn to do something bad enough, you can do anything for 30 days”. The general idea is to try something different and in Matt’s case he has tried some really challenging 30 day challenges, he started out with health centric goals such as food and exercise then moved onto everyday challenges eg: Record 1 Second of Video everyday, No Social Media, No News, No External Email, Learning 30 new words. Here are some links for you to read more:

Love the idea! Matt Cutts doesn’t do a new challenge every 30 days but I think I might for the rest of 2014 at least, a new challenge every month. Next question is how to record my progress. Looking on Twitter most of the traffic for #30daychallenge involves fitness goals and there are even subscription options to sign up for these challenges. After taking a whole 2 minutes to hunt around I have settled on using the format of #MonthChallenge eg: starting today #MayChallenge – this seems to be used for more diverse challenges so more me.

Next is what – well actually for May that’s easy. The OptimalBI team are pretty damn competitive and May has kicked off with a 10,000 step challenge month. Most of us have succumbed to the wonders of Fitbit so we can stalk each others progress through the day (as one person put it, I can check whether I need to go for a run before bed so I can beat Shane Gibson every day), others already owned far more sophisticated devices and I suspect they will be the winners but it’s good for the rest of us to try and compete. Here are our competition categories:

  • Most steps in a day for the month.
  • Average daily steps for the month.
  • Person to hit 10,000 steps a day the most times.
  • Weekly step total winners.
  • Monthly step total winner.

No idea what the prizes will be yet but I have 30 days to work that one out. Feel free to follow my progress on Twitter and I will post an update at the end of May with how this first 30 day challenge has gone and what #JuneChallenge will bring! Should be loads of fun. Vic.

Brand Coloured Fitbit!