88 days ago I started my #100happydays quest journey, at the time I wrote a blog on Day 12 challenging everyone to join the quest, pretty pleased with myself to have managed 12 days and feeling like I was forming a habit.

On my #100Happydays experience

It’s harder than I thought! I often get to the end of the day and realise I haven’t taken a photo of what made me happy that day – so far I have never managed to think in the moment “this made me happy” and photo / publish that image at the time. Looking back through my twitter photos it paints an eclectic story – I would appear to be an alcoholic for a start, reality there is often drinking involves friends and wonderful memories but the photo is usually of the drink itself (well that’s my story). It’s the little things that make me smile most of the time. I am obsessed with the weather, have enjoyed the summer and like pretty things.

On forming a habit

One of my goals with this challenge had been to establish the habit, and I naively hoped forming this habit would help me form other habits and routines (like blogging and jogging). Before this challenge I subscribed to the notion it takes 21 times to form a habit – what a load of bull that was. So 87 days later and no habit formed I decided it was time to do some reading on the topic of habit forming. Here are some of the insight I have gained:

  • Habits are essentially patterns of behaviour that become “worn in” to our brains. – this blog provides some good insight into how the brain learns these patterns of behaviour.
  • Habit Forming: the 21 day myth – this Forbes article provides insight into the 3 phases of habit forming, The Honeymoon, The Fight Through and Second Nature.
    • I must have been in the honeymoon phase at day 12 of the #100happydays challenge – and guess I am still  in fight through now at day 88, so will I make the second nature phase in the next 12 days?
  • Busting the 21 day habit formation myth – now for the science, this article explains where the myth came from and quotes the findings of their study clearly dispelling this myth.
    • Best quote from this article “The best estimate is 66 days, but it’s unwise to attempt to assign a number to this process. “
    • Based on one of their examples I am doomed if I haven’t formed this tweeting habit yet I am unlikely to within my 12 day window

How has this experience helped me?

“Being Happy Never goes out of style” is one of my favourite quotes (from Lilly Pulitzer who designed some of the most beautiful fabrics). I have really enjoyed thinking about what makes me happy and sharing that with people so #100happydays has helped me be publicly happy.

Habit wise maybe I have formed a habit, one where I suddenly remember I haven’t posted a tweet with what made me happy today around midnight every night? don’t think it’s a habit I think it’s a stressed response. Will continue on my habit forming quest and update how that goes in another 100 days. Happy Sharing, Vic.