Last week I attended Xerocon, sadly only 1 day of the two after Windy Wellington elected to not live up to it’s name and leave us stranded due to fog. This is my first of two posts on the event about who I met, the 2nd will be on the event experience itself.

The exhibition hall was full of Xero add-in partners including “startup alley” with companies who are not necessarily new but their plug-in to Xero is new. I was impressed with how many add-ins there are for Xero now, must check their site more often. Here is a wee list of who I met and something about their products, my interest in meeting them was as a Xero partner and as an existing Xero customer, which I found many of those on the stands couldn’t relate to – they were there to demo to accountants not potential customers or partners so couldn’t adapt their pitch to me in many cases:

Quotient – these guys are awesome, they built Quotient as their own quoting tool (for Blacksheep) taking it to market as an app. Totally integrated with Xero, flexible quoting app, good pricing at $49 / month for 5 users, or moving to $6 / user for 6+ users. Learned heaps from them about being a Xero partner, product pricing and they pointed me to Zapier for Xero integration (thanks there are so many things I could be using now!). Will be checking out Quotient for OptimalBI.

Thank you Payroll – my find for the day, sitting in Startup Alley Thank you payroll are a FREE payroll for SME’s and charities who are funded through Inland Revenue subsidies and donate $0.25 for every payroll transaction to charity. As I said to them – why didn’t I know you existed before? awesome initiative, awesome company, fully integrated with Xero and will be the next app I check out for OptimalBI!

Link Solutions – one I was really looking forward to but most disappointing once they found out I wasn’t an accountant their engagement ended. Basically they offer migration from whatever you have now (paper, on premis etc) to cloud based apps including Xero / Workflowmax / Vend / GeoOp / PocketRent (or Re-Leased) / Debtor Daddy / Unleashed / etc etc. Long list. They don’t offer an API or app store just the migration service with variable pricing and a monthly support option of $149 / month.

Spotlight – another company on my really looking forward to meeting beforehand but sadly I got the newbie who had a standard pitch for accountants including only able to describe pricing in terms of accountants reporting on behalf of their customers and couldn’t answer any of my questions. Basically they have modules of reporting off Xero – Reporting ($87 / month for 3 companies), Forecasting ($69 / month for 6 companies), Dashboard and Multi (which is for franchises and multi-organisation businesses). Forecasting includes budgets and rules based cashflow forecast but is bundled with other things.

PocketRent – a property management application for landlords and property managers alike. Nice API, enthusiastic developer on their stand, knowing a few people who own rental properties can see how they would use this app so will be passing the contact on. Financial integration with Xero for accounts. – automated debtor chasing up service, integrated into Xero AP, I guess it is a hands off credit control person for $19 / month. Couldn’t help but wonder if Xero will have this functionality soon?

Xtracta – also on Startup Alley as they are new to Xero integration Xtracta processes and loads data from documents / flat files (can be from OCR) into “virtually any other system”. Was described to me as Artificial Intelligence by their BDM which I interpreted as good parsing, concatenation and profile based matching with a bit of prediction – but perhaps I simplified it when thinking through what the code base must look like.

ProfitSee – aimed at accountants and priced per company vs for an end user, consolidated dashboard (turn of phrase around CFO), does cashflow forecast within a bundled of other reports. Gave me a cute torch to focus my attention and illuminate the financial info (or something like that).

LegrandCRM  and Keybridge – both CRM’s which integrate with Xero to draw through transactions by customer, contacts, integrated for billing and reporting dashboard. Theo from Keybridge does a great short preso.

RocketSpark – not a Xero Add-in but cool company who provision and host DIY websites. Jeremy does a good demo and gave me great feedback on

Anecdotal comment to sum this up. I asked everyone where their SAAS app was hosted, many I met couldn’t tell me, most seemed surprised I was interested and when pressed said none of the accountants they had met at Xerocon asked therefore assumed don’t care! Interesting one that, Vic.

Footnote: I have since written a 2nd blog on the great advice these awesome companies shared.