Owning a business is hard, it’s a fulltime + more job, it takes all of your passion, concentration, fortitude and enthusiasm but for some of us entrepreneurial types it’s what we are destined to do and can be the most rewarding job in the world – love every minute of my job.

This year I plan to use this blog for posts on our lessons learned as we navigate through launching our first product (yay), growing OptimalBI from a small to medium (in NZ terms) enterprise and starting up our 2nd services business. We have been incredibly lucky to have enjoyed great advice over the years – some we ignored and made the same mistakes anyway but some that totally saved us from going down a rabbit hole that could have sucked us dry. As a result one of our driving goals is to share, share our experiences so others can benefit and hopefully enjoy some success as a result. Sharing is so easy to do.

This week you will see 4 blog posts on different styles of partnerships we are currently engaged in:

Partnerships can be brilliant or can be disasters. They can enable fantastic leverage and reach or they can stifle creativity and innovation through rigidity of the partnership framework or the sheer number of parties involved. The most important thing we have learned about partnerships to date – including our own – for most to be successful sharing an ethical and moral basis is as important as sharing the same vision.  The exception to this for us to date has been Technology partnerships but we are keen for that to change very soon.

So enjoy my reinvigorated blogging and feel free to ask questions – we love to share! Vic.

Here is Manny he’s my security partner – you’d be amazed how many people get a huge fright when they see him: