Yep it’s 2014! New Years resolutions abound, how many of us have broken them already I wonder?

Instead of resolutions I stumbled upon and have elected to participate in the #100HappyDays challenge. They lured me in with their taglines, first up – “Can you be happy for 100 days in a row” – of course I can, what kind of silly statement is that. Then they follow that challenge up with – “You don’t have time for this, right?” – of course I do, how long can it possibly take to post a tweet, facebook or instagram picture accompanied by the #100happydays hashtag? not long I declared to myself.

Well here I am, Day 12, and this challenge has surprised me. To make it easy I could post a photo of my dearly beloved every single day because he makes me happy every day, but that would just be silly. Instead I actually have to think about what made me happy today. There will be a time in the not too distant future where I spontaneously snap and post a pic of something that makes me happy at the time it happened during the day – but for now I make the time every evening to think about what made me happy today.

Here is the news flash – it’s hard! it’s hard because things seem to cheesy or corny or pathetic to post, it’s also hard because I don’t want to be double up and be posting a 2nd lovely bunch of flowers or 2nd exquisite glass of wine.

Things naturally make me happy, I am a glass half full person, I like to laugh at myself and I am always looking for the positive and good in life – so it’s been quite a shock to me finding this challenge so tough. It’s good though, it’s good to consciously think every day about what made me happy today. Give it a go – take the challenge because you will feel compelled to complete this daily task (there is no monitoring of your progress until the end) and you will enjoy the process as it progresses believe me, it’s worth doing.

Feel free to follow my #100HappyDays on Twitter @OptimalHQ have a laugh at my expense.

Here is today’s pic – we sponsor my sons 20/20 Cricket team and have printed them flash new OptimalBI shirts so they stand out amongst the white, the backs have their University Shoguns logo on too which is quite cool, so I asked them for a team photo, three were posted on facebook (this is the most team like one) all very amusing, certainly made me laugh. Happy days, Vic.