12 Blogs, 12 days, and now it’s Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, work has finished, people have packed up for holidays, life has evolved into excited anticipation of time to be spent with family and friends, gifts, excessive eating, excessive drinking and if we are really lucky sunburn.

Blogs are awesome, the collaboration, sharing and sense that you’re not alone available in short easy to digest bursts of information has revolutionised our lives. Think back to a time not that long ago when business advice was tied up inside books, controlled by publishers and quickly out of date. Now we have the advantage of sharing and consuming the stories of hundreds and thousands of business people all over the global with up to date relevant advice – it’s really awesome.

Business has changed too, ecosystems and communities are emerging with collaborative hubs of small enterprises collaborating in ways never seen before. It is awesome to be a part of this era where sharing is valued over my former experience whereby many behaved as if information was power. Culturally sharing has been one of our greatest challenges, people are trained by their institutionalised employers to behave as teams-of-one, where knowledge sharing wasn’t valued and openness was rejected rather than embraced. It takes a while but everyone embraces open, collaboration, sharing as a team and how empowered they feel as a result.

So now that I have managed 12 blogs in 12 days plan is to continue the sharing in 2014, I take advantage of reading so many others full of awesome advice and experiences. Until then enjoy your break and your Christmas experiences. Vic

Below is a wonderful gift basket from one of our suppliers, it’s all gone now, enjoyed by many.