Not many days til Santa now. I could predict what I might be getting – but there’s no fun in that. Predictions at this time of year can be a yawn, commentators feel the need to crystal ball and regale us with their wisdom. Many predictions are extensions of the current trends or solidification of them.

I would love to know whether these predictions drive the change or whether the change is in train and the predictions are just reinforcing them? did the demise of SMS predicted in 2012 result in the creator of Snapchat thinking up a new means of short, sharp yet visual messaging (probably not given it’s apparently predominantly a sexting tool)?

The internet is full of tech predictions, so I have enjoyed reading a range of predictions that aren’t tech specific and focused on business in recent weeks.

LinkedIN – love it or hate it – is a great source of content. Not sure how they select their influencers who seem to be predominantly North American and predominantly male but if you can cut through the ho-hum uninspiring ones there are a number of great minds posting on LinkedIN. This month they have been running a series called Big Idea 2014, where these influencers have picked 1 idea that will shape 2014. There are some awesome articles amongst this series, well worth adding to your Christmas browsing list. Here are some of my favourites from this series:

  • Authenticity goes viral – about time! great post which provides insight into the changing workforce dynamic from Boomers to Millennials, my favourite line is “Companies will be tasked with telling their customers what they need to know, not just what they want to hear”.
  • Rise of Career buddies (partnering will be hot) – is an extension of a more collaborative business style we have been experiencing in 2013, co-operative working, shared-space style of co-location (vs old serviced offices, yuk) and content collaboration will all help this big idea shape 2014.
  • You’ll be replaced by a moneyball executive (unless you are one) – after 5 years of hype that Data Sciences and Analytics will become mainstream it is looking promising that 2014 will be the year it finally does, and good for us as this is what OptimalBI does best. Numbers vs gut feel is what this article promotes will provide businesses and executives with their real point of difference.
  • Discomfort is the new comfort zone – awesome, I love titles like these and luckily have a business partner who naturally thinks in terms of disruptive planning. Favourite quote from this article “Winning enterprises must seek to perpetually live in their “discomfort zone”—by continually questioning conventional wisdom, reinventing work, and welcoming disruptive innovation.”

Gartner annually provide us with a range of top trends for the coming year, they split these by industry and sector. Many of their 2014 predictions look awfully like the 2013 ones to me. Here is a list of their predictions:

  • Strategic Technology trends – Gartner’s top 10 Strategic Technology trends are:
    • Mobile Device Diversity and Management,
    • Mobile Apps and Applications,
    • The Internet of Everything,
    • Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service broker,
    • Cloud / Client architecture,
    • The era of personal cloud,
    • Software defined anything,
    • Web-scale IT,
    • Smart Machines,
    • 3-D Printing.
  • Predictions for Government – interestingly Gartner present these as 2014 trends yet all have later dates associated with them:
    • By 2017, public cloud offerings will grow to account for more than 25 percent of government business services in domains other than national defence and security;
    • By 2017, as many as 35 percent of government shared-service organizations will be managed by private sector companies;
    • By 2017, more than 60 percent of government open data programs that do not effectively use open data internally will be downscaled or discontinued.
    • By 2016, at least 25 percent of government software development positions will be eliminated to fund the hiring of business intelligence and data analysts.

Personally I predict 2014 will involve more of these! Vic.

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