It’s Tuesday one week and one day until Christmas Day. People around the world are getting excited, others apprehensive and sadly there are many others who are getting stressed or pensive. I’m getting ready, not excitedly more systematically, just to keep the momentum going. The excitement will likely kick in on Saturday when my many nieces and nephews aged 1-9 years descend on our house for family Christmas, chaos will reign (well sugar rushes)  along with the excitement of children.

Luckily the family Christmas is a forgiving event, if it doesn’t go well it will be retold in stories for years to come, become legend “remember the time we had Christmas at Victoria’s house and the …..” and probably doesn’t have the ability to cost too much in real $$.

Sadly mistakes in business can cost alot more, everyone makes mistakes and goes down cul-de-sac’s that don’t pay off – if we weren’t taking these paths our businesses wouldn’t be growing and evolving. The trick is both identifying early that your new path, product, service, employee, supplier, brand, messaging etc etc isn’t panning out and take action early. Then learn from that mistake – really take stock and identify what the lessons are.

Thinking about this led to me doing a little bit of research on what the market considered some of the bigger mistakes of 2013:

  1. Windows 8 – many of the articles I read listed Windows 8 as a major mistake for Microsoft in 2013, this article has 5 PC industry mistakes
  2. Burger King – while they didn’t extend their play with the brand beyond a few days Burger King experienced real ridicule from the market as a result of their Satisfry brand campaign, I liked this article on Marketo Blog as it points out the pitfalls of Burger King’s actions
  3. Reinhardt Rogoff Spreadsheet Error – something close to OptimalBI’s line of business this error fascinated me, their academic study contained an Excel Spreadsheet error, Bloomberg Businessweek has a great overview of the study and impact

There are others on a variety of lists including Time Magazine’s top 10. What were yours for the year? I am about to write myself a list of ours. Vic.