Monday – the 7th last working day before Christmas. So far in this series we have prepared to relax, networked at Christmas functions, planned for 2014, become inspired and had a serious conversation with ourselves. So it seems like an apt time to celebrate. Celebrate all of the achievements for the year so far, every win and success, no matter how small or big.

Personally I am terrible at keeping track of our wins, we congratulate people on their achievements throughout the year but forgot to write a timeline as they happen so this week I am reconstructing the 2013 year of successes – then my new years resolution for 2014 is to keep a success and wins timeline so that this time next year I will be able to look back and go yay we really did have some awesome achievements. Maybe even celebrate like a footballer for 10 seconds. The reconstruction process is fun, well worth doing, great reminders of just how far we have come in a year.

So go forth and chronicle your own year – write a timeline then start from the beginning, write down the state of play on 1 Jan 2013 and work forward from there, it’s quite cathartic. Have fun. Vic.


Kiwi football fans celebrating in their traditional style