There are only 9 working days until Christmas and these might be quite long days for many of us. Yesterday I talked about planning, sometimes to plan we need to be inspired so I thought some inspirational videos were in order as part of this Christmas countdown. There are thousands of these out there, Ted Talks are the best resource for inspirational speakers who talk quite specifically on topics that interest business owners, educators and people of all walks of life alike.

I love to read, most business owners I know read prolifically looking for ideas, inspiration, learning new products, learning new techniques – all of which help our creativity and experience base. Sometimes to really focus on a message it’s good to listen and in this case watch the speaker, their body language and gestures, some of the slides, the inflection of their voice all augments the message.

Here is a short list of both recent and oldies I love to watch that invigorate and inspire me, get the old grey matter really working, hopefully you find they provide you with the same experience:

Doug Kirkpatrick‘s Ted talk on Youtube “Beyond empowerment, are we ready for self-managed organisations

  • It’s human nature to love something that reinforces your own beliefs – Doug does that for me, reinforces our belief that the people we employ are grownups and know how to do their jobs, he sums it up with “if people know how to do their jobs, why do they need a boss”

Marc Benioff fireside chat’s with Marissa Meyer and Sheryl Sandberg at DreamForce 2013

  • Love their insight, such different women in such different yet powerful roles with great stories to tell.

Andrew McAfee on Ted Talks What will Future Jobs look like

  • Best quote from this talk “The world is an interesting place and my job is to go explore it”

Simon Sinek also on Ted Talks How great leaders inspire action

  • I enjoyed his simplification of the mission and purpose, who we are, what we do and why messaging

Steven Johnson‘s animation on Youtube of “Where good ideas come from

  • Even if like me you have watched this 10 times, it still invigorates my brain, creativity, inspiration, innovation.

Dan Pink on Ted Talks “The puzzle of motivation

  • His book “Drive” is one of my favourites. His overview of contingent motivators is one of the best I have seen, love the candle problem.

Would love to hear what your favourites are too, feel free to comment on this with links. Thanks and enjoy Vic.