10 working days til Christmas! getting used to this concept now, I’m not panicking yet, maybe that will come on Monday when there are only 7 days to go?

Another opportunity this period lends itself to is planning for the new year, planning today what needs to be done between now and December 24th and planning what you will do when you return to work in January will both help you with living in the moment and relaxing over the break having given yourself a means of sizing and visualising that effort and hopefully resulting in being able to let it go (all points from the article referenced in blog 1 of this series).

It is also a great time to plan out your year, as a business owners we all do monthly, quarterly and annual business plan updates to check we are on track against plan or review where we have pivoted away from our previous plans. I have found taking the time to step away from those pre-existing plans and ideas, taking a blank sheet of paper and a fresh look at our business once a year is a great planning technique.

You need time for this kind of planning so set some aside, here is my approach to getting started before you employ your usual goal setting and planning techniques:

  1. Blank sheet of paper – don’t start with your existing plan, it’s all in your head anyway, the piece of paper can be electronic too, but it’s important to start with a blank sheet to get your creative juices flowing
  2. Start by restating your vision – with your existing business in mind write a new vision statement, brand new, not the old one, write a verbose one and a simplified one – that bit is hard getting the vision statement succinct and snappy
  3. Describe your ideal company – visualise and describe your ideal company, what it will feel like, how it will operate and most importantly describe the culture (in as much detail as possible)
  4. Map the gap to start your new plan – this is the hard part, or easy one depending on your perspective, map between your blank sheet of paper and your existing vision and culture if it all lines up awesome, if not the gaps create the first steps in your 2014 plan for the year
  5. Start planning – however you usually list the things to be done, use the list from your mapping exercise as a starting point, believe me you will be in the swing of things and the objectives, milestones and activities will just flow

 Hope you enjoy this technique. Vic