Did you know there are only 11 working days until Christmas? a slightly shocking realisation for some of us (well me). One of the reasons we are all so busy at this time of year is all those Christmas parties, Christmas drinks, Christmas dinners, end of year meetups, end of year meetings and wrap up events.

It is a funny time of year, we are all tired, as I described in my blog yesterday we are all rushing to get things finished for customers, tidy up our projects and working lives before taking a break. Then to top it off the majority of our business networking opportunities present themselves right when we are already busy, stressed and pressed for time.

One of the things Shane and I have recently realised – and now tell everyone we meet – is we hadn’t really networked enough outside our usual (and somewhat comfortable) networks. This realisation came as a result of our dramatically expanding our network this year both through the opportunities the Deloitte Fast50 has presented, through my joining NZ Rise, both of us participating in a range of meet-up groups and our working with the wonderful Lou Draper on promoting our business.

Meeting all of these new business owners has been absolutely AWESOME! it’s easy to find common ground so the small talk problem disappears, their businesses are different, new and inspiring to us and in turn they challenge our own thinking. So after 2 and a half years of heads down focusing on growth we have finally popped our heads up and found an expansive and inspiring, innovative world of business owners to network with, which in turn has invigorated our passion and enthusiasm.

I know it’s hard and sometimes they’re not fun but do make the effort to attend those Christmas functions, talk to strangers, meet new people and increase the contacts – you never know who you will encounter, who they might know and what opportunities these meetings might create. More importantly you never know how a chance meeting could stimulate your imagination enough to spark an idea that will define a new line of business, product or service! Enjoy the Christmas cheer, Vic.

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