Hello and welcome to my reading blog. If you read my blog about the Deloitte Fast 50 event last week you will know I had a great excuse for not publishing – I was too busy learning and partying! it was awesome. Change of style this blog, the links are embedded with the text instead of showing the full string, feedback on whether this works for you? or you preferred the other style? would be greatly appreciated.

With 2 weeks of reading highlights again this is a longer list than usual so hope you find some gems to read – pretty much a broad list of articles on business, analytics, leadership, big data, innovation, social media and sleep (very important that one). Happy reading, Vic.

Best thing I have read this weekThe Operating Model That is Eating The World, if you are a business owner or CEO or aspiring to be either of those read this article, don’t skim it, it’s worth taking the time to read.

Leadership – I have created a group of people to follow on twitter who use the #leaderhip hashtag, great source of reading on this topic, here are some gems:

  • We can all think of managers / leaders in our lives who have coined these three phrases and totally alienated their team members as a result so do read 3 Things a Leader would never say as a reminder
  • Then we have 10 Qualities Every Leader of the Future needs to have – #1 is my favourite and proving to be the hardest for us, not because we revert to command and control but because people seem to expect it and worry if their lives are void of this style of management, interesting lesson there.
  • Love this site, Bite An Elephant (cool name), and love this quote “Our ability to effectively lead those around us will determine if we grow in influence or remain stagnant” from their latest blog Is Leadership Important?

Management – not to be confused with leadership but oh so often is.

  • HBR totally got me hooked with this quote “In fact, when the CEO starts to “do” things, and starts becoming more “active,” that is usually when a company gets into trouble” from the article The Problem with CEO’s Job Title. Awesome article.
  • Now I know I take myself too seriously so this list really resonated with me 7 Common Mistakes Bosses Make
  • This one is awesome – Shane you should read this too – A Managers Manifesto – nice.

Big Data – there has been a load of new content on this subject recently, honestly it is so hard to keep up:

  • One major announcement was Facebook Open Sourcing it’s SQL on Hadoop Engine – seems to have gone down well industry wise as this article would indicate
  • Best analogy I have seen this week, Big Data is like Storming the Castle, and when you read the article it’s just so true! I have to admit I was sucked in before even reading this article with the clip from Princess Bride one of the best movies ever, do read this article it’s great.
  • The BBC took an interesting perspective in this latest attempt to educate the market through this piece on How to Out Argue a Data Guru at The Office – they could have chosen another version of the title, how to counter the data argument, still worth a read.

Open Data – I love this notion of open data, it’s high on my to-do list for OptimalBI to leverage open data so watch out team we will spend time on this very soon:

  • If the lead quote from this article is true “Open data can help unlock $3 trillion to $5 trillion in economic value annually across seven sectors.” then we should all be paying way more attention to Open Data, you can read more from McKinsey and Co in their fact filled article Open data: Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information

Random but Important – didn’t really fit into another category in this blog:

Dilbert yesterday – hilarious