Wow it’s almost November!  the tech sector is winding up with new app releases every day it seems, big projects are under review as the year has progressed through another quarter and on the local recruitment front the market hasn’t really changed – which is unusual for end of October. This is last weeks reading digest, this weeks is still in progress – so much to read, and so much awesome content too – includes culture, motivation, leadership and big data / analytics / visualisation. Happy reading. Vic!

Culture and motivationCulture of no rules builds teamwork is all about us! OptimalBI, awesome article, very pleased our philosophy of a culture led organisation breeding happy motivated staff has come through strongly; nicely reinforcing our article is this one on leadership styles and the relationship between emotional intelligence and loyalty; another article reinforcing culture as a motivating factor – mastery, membership and meaning – good points made; and finally did you know it matters who sits where at work? I guess on some level I did but this article really makes the point:!

Leadership – I love reading about founders and meeting founders of companies, this post on founders doing what they love – and the course their companies can take once the founder steps away poses some really interesting questions in my mind, what do you think?; if you read my reading blog very often you will be familiar with the manifesto’s on, this one is on leadership transformation; and on a specific topic leadership of marketing strategies, data scientists and entrepreneurs will be among the emerging players in this space:

Technology things – a wee collection of tech article worth reading. First up fascinating article on the register on why the NHS dropped Oracle and went OpenSource for everything!; loving all the articles recently on the Internet of Things, this talks alot about home automation, will include some of the more detailed ones in future blogs; ever since I met some research fellows from IBM earlier in the year I have been in awe of Watson and what that computer will do for our lives, this article is on how Watson will change the way we work, dig into it a little and you will find this thing is amazing:

Big Data, Analytics and Visualization – now I know the analyts who read this won’t like me bundling analytics with visualisation but for a lay person like me visualisation techniques are what brings analytics to life. First up a nice wee overview post on some of the new terms (PAAS, DAAS) and techniques and products in the emerging big data space; I do like salacious headlines, I don’t usually read ones with negative statements in them however but since this was on visualisation I gave it a go – interesting reminder how important it is to know what question you are trying to answer in data visualisation avoid epic fail; Feel like creating your own visualisation? try out Many Eyes a new collaborative and seemingly free product from IBM; I really enjoyed this article, big data analytics the new black magic marketing, it is well written and hits many great points:!

And just to make you laugh, here is a photo of the OptimalBI team at our 5th birthday party last week – it was so much fun and we looked so funny!

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