Celebrating success isn’t another of those business cliche’s, this is something really worth taking the time to do. Seeing the successes let alone celebrating them, can be difficult when you are bogged down in the nuts and bolts of running a busy, growing and thriving business. Having a plan helps, it hits you in the face with your progress, if you are a tick box kind of person you can tick off the milestones when they are achieved, for me seeing where we have come from in the form reaching our goals is invaluable. Diary a time to do a progress report – either quarterly or 6 monthly – this will help you focus on your successes.

To think 2.5 years ago when I joined OptimalBI Shane had 2 customers and 5 contractors, now we have an awesome team of focused motivated and creative people, many many customers, intellectual property, assets, an awesome office and have developed our cool company culture. We have worked long hours, had many ups and downs but its been an awesome journey that is just now getting the momentum we have always known was there – loads to celebrate along our journey to date.

One aspect of our cool culture is we love parties so to celebrate our 5th birthday this month we threw a bash – Optoberfest – which was awesome. We invited everyone who has been involved in our journey, our supporters, customers, suppliers, contractors, friends and colleagues. Our cool office was buzzing with happy people enjoying good food, great beer (and wine for those few who didn’t participate in the beer tasting) and best of all good company.

Parties are great for more than just celebrating success they are for connecting with people at a personal level. Many of those who attended have thanked us for the opportunity to meet new people or reconnect with those they have long since lost touch with – networking. Parties help connectors like Shane and I connect people we know – people we have often thought should know each other. Parties help people strengthen their business relationships through adding a social dimension, they are a great environment for finding common ground a busy working relationship doesn’t give you time to explore.

Our team had an awesome time too, we were dressed in our best Bavarian lederhosen (it was Optoberfest afterall) had an old school style Polaroid camera so folks could take a memento of their evening home and had loads of games – including our new spacies machine! we do love our toys.

You don’t need to throw a party to celebrate, just remember to look back from time to time to remind yourselves just how far you have come, maybe let out a wee wohoo once in a while! Have some fun. Vic.

Some of the team - well dressed too

Some of the team – well dressed too

2013-10-18 16.23.28

Spacies arrived just in time

Don Vic Miles Bronnie

Yep they got me to dress up too