100% of your businesses income comes from your customers, so do your profits, it’s sounds like commonsense doesn’t it? not rocket science? but it constantly amazes me how often I see the penny drop when paraphrasing this to people.

It’s kinda not surprising – large private companies are often so divisionalised there is a massive disconnection between internal service teams (like HR or IT) and the ultimate customer, large global machines, or hierarchical smaller companies can equally suffer the fate of forgetting where their income comes from. Equally as employees we are often conditioned to focus and manage upwards rather than focusing across our teams collaborating to better support our customers.

Another thing that also surprises me is meeting business owners who are so busy working on the nuts and bolts of their company they too can lose sight of this incredibly important fact. 100% of your businesses profits come from your customers.

Creating a customer centric culture is a challenge, there is no secret sauce formula you can apply and magically your team are all customer focused and acutely aware of the connection between their own role, their own pay and how they interact with customers or delivery of new product features.

So next time that customer frustrates you  – because they all do form time-to-time – take a deep breath and remind yourself where your profits come from!

Enjoy. Victoria

PS: OptimalBI turned 5 this month, one of our lovely customers gave me this – I have worn it everyday this week it’s so thoughtful.