Hi, can’t believe it’s been over a week since I posted a reading blog. This one has links for business owners, entrepreneurs – or want -to-be entrepreneurs, social media and networking, hadoop and analytics. Towards the end are two articles I found thought provoking one on the global talent pool from a UK perspective, the other on micromanagement, how Steve Jobs utilised this approach and when it can be a successful tool for business owners. Happy reading! Vic.

Job, work and culture – following on losely from my recruitment blog I came across this interesting post on things you should never say to your boss. It might surprise you to hear I have had team members who have said most of these in the past; would love to meet the person who wrote this post on 417 reasons I love my organisation; finally because I love infographics and because I am recruiting at the moment here is an infographic on overcoming recruitment roadblocks and obstacles;




Business and Entrepreneurs – loved this Walmart Customer Engagement story, quite inspiring for every company; another great read is this article on business KPI’s which talks about measuring your business telemetry; creating a company designed for the long haul is something we have embraced planning and designing our company so good to read this:




Social Media and networking – use twitter, facebook and LinkedIN check out this scientific guide to maximising your impact on social media; this article on the strength of your network is interesting, it indicates you have stronger leverage with your more casual relationship with your twitter followers than with your close friends on facebook; and an article from Klout on highly effective twitter users; finally a link one of the team posted this week on our internal social media network bringing Google’s new SEO (search engine optimization) algorithm to our attention:





Big Data and Analytics – ignoring the IBMness of this post I do like their list of 5 things to know about analytics in the world of commerce and the diagram; not much has taken my interest out of Oracle OpenWorld this year, America’s cup racing aside, but did like these Hadoop Developer Training Day reviews 1 & 2:




Just because – have a read of these two articles, first up an acknowledgement that the UK must adopt an open door policy to attract global talent in a tech driven economy (liked the comments on London); and we will never tire of stories about Steve Jobs, this one in praise of micromanagement: