What an interesting couple of weeks, the productivity in New Zealand every morning is pretty low with so much excitement going on over in San Francisco but isn’t it fantastic to see a whole nation coalesced around one team – go Team New Zealand for the next (and hopefully final) race. Technology wise the streaming of America’s Cup racing at the same time thousands of Apple devices are downloading iOS7 certainly took a toll on the old bandwidth last week too. Reading wise as ever there is so much content to filter through and find the best bits. This weeks reading blog has links for Entrepreneurs, management, an event planning guide, Big Data and R, and finally a cool infographic of Steve Jobs’ life. Happy reading. Vic

Entrepreneurs – or business owners – the premise of this first article is “If you had 18 months to make a million dollars, what would you do?” awesome if these shortcuts to building an ecommerce startup work; nice short sweet list called the anatomy of a successful small business owner; I have been really enjoying recent blogs by Faisal Hoque on Fast Company alot, this one is a spot on assessment of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur; and finally my favourite of this collection the scarcest resource at all startups is management bandwidth – says it all really, and the last line of this blog about the best teams being hyper focused too:


http://www.smallbusinesshub.co.nz/The Anatomy of a Successful Small Business Owner.html



Management – not muddling this into leadership this time, just management; first up is a post from linkedin called how strong is your bench, something every manager needs to be cognisant of; this is followed by an interesting article on whether innovation can actually be measured – let me know if you have done this successfully, seems plausible from this; one of my current pet topics is customer experience so this is a topical article asking does your business have a chief customer officer:




Planning an Event – this is a nice slide share on how to plan a meetup or group style event:


Big Data – I had to include this one, see if the r language fits into your big data toolkit:


Very cool Infographic one of our team located, fantastic CV format really: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/172825704423675214/