Welcome back to my weekly reading blog, there are 3 fantastic pdf’s from changethis.com on being a disruptive hero, customer experience and customer service, all well worth the read so make the time. Changethis.com is full of some great stuff, I don’t necessarily agree with it all but I do like the way it challenges my thinking or “poke the box” to coin the Seth Godin phrase. Two of these are on customer experience and customer service – our internal focus this month at OptimalBI, how do we lift the game and provide our customers with a fantastic customer experience and happy endings? Other topics covered today are recruitment, management and leadership and I have added a link to 15 very awesome looking metro / tube stations around the world just because they are so cool. So happy reading. Vic

Recruitment – are you job hunting? there are loads of blogs on that topic, this one has some good tips to get noticed by the hiring manager; looking to improve your hit rate recruitment? this article has some great tips on attractive job adverts, it is focused on how to attract new hires when you are geographically distant but worth reading; while this article is oriented towards the employee and their behaviour – top 5 things you should never do at work – on the back of personal experience with an employee who did many of these I try and tease these traits out when interviewing now, it still astounds me that mature adults who have been working for years are naive enough to pull some of these stunts:




Management and Leadership – yep I am mixing the two diciplines again; this first article provides a nice overview of leadership behavious with a lovely well balanced conclusion “So yes, we need more women leaders. And men, too.”; I really liked this list of 7 questions every people manager should have the answer to;



Changethis.com Manafesto’s – I love this stuff, it’s like these people are tapped into my thoughts. If you are in business take the time to read these, they are good for challenging your thoughts and ideas:

How to be a disruptive hero: http://changethis.com/manifesto/108.04.Disrupt/pdf/108.04.Disrupt.pdf

Customer Experience Action Plan: http://changethis.com/manifesto/105.06.DrivingLoyalty/pdf/105.06.DrivingLoyalty.pdf

Customer Service Manifesto: http://changethis.com/manifesto/68.06.ServiceManifesto/pdf/68.06.ServiceManifesto.pdf

And just because these are cool check out the 15 most awesome metro / tube stations in the world, some of these are simply stunning places I would love to visit: