Hello and welcome to what has become my Monday reading blog – mid week seemed like such a good time to reflect on what I had read for the week but weekends are far ore conducive to writing this blog so Monday blog it is. This week I have returned a few older topics – Product development, there is so much to read from startups who are shaking up the world with their awesome new SAAS product, still one of our aspirational goals; Business Intelligence, my favourite from this selection is the Google F1 database article from The Register with awesome highlights like “Fire up the SQL-Delorean, Google’s going back to the future” – nice! If you’re not a techo there are articles here on both Happiness at Work and Leadership, all worth at least a skim. Happy reading, Vic.

Product Development – I haven’t included this section in a while so worth a few gems, first up a blog from scrumcrazy with a lovely diagram of the user story lifecycle – far sexier than the traditional version they also provide a link to; then a recent post by someone who has been-there-done-that and is now a VC on the need for focused customer feedback looping into your ongoing product development lifecycle why product management is everything; I also occasionally check in with this product centric community blog with the best tagline “The community for people dedicated to keeping their customers (happy)” there are often short easy to consume posts here like why Beta testing is a right for your customer, love it:




Leadership – I am writing a specific blog on my recent leadership epiphany, will post that tomorrow. Meanwhile  here is a new term to me “extroleadership” and a blog on leading from the inside out, well written insite stating up front that your title doesn’t make you a leader; “Leaders create a culture of possibility” provides us with a lovely analogy about the tooth fairy, and reminds us what our role is as founders and owners of our own companies; and something from my leadership blog the best thing I have read on the web this week – from Changethis.com “Lets make leadership real again“; and finally I just had to include this one on why so many incompetent men become leaders – enough said really:





Happiness – as stated again and again I love infographics and this one is awesome, puts how many people we meet and influence in our lifetimes into perspective, counting the people you impact; then this discussion on whether getting what you want really makes you happy makes some good points, are we ever really happy these days? with a customer experience focus; and finally a post that points out how we are conditioned for happiness at home naturally but not at work and how to Optimize for happiness at work – luckily for me I love everything I do but this is an awesome post I wish I had read years ago:




Business Intelligence (BI) – occasionally I remember to read about Business Intelligence too, Yellowfin published this top 2013 Business Intelligence Technology Priorities recently, once you get past the road runner section it has some good stuff to read; I was looking for a Microsoft BI stack graphic to help me understand how it all fits together and came across this slideshare – Business Intelligence Architecture – it’s a collection of graphics on BI essentially so worth a look; I was heartened to learn there is still a VLDB (very large database) conference which means the world hasn’t completely moved to Big Data as the only solution. This article talks about something the commentators have told us is unthinkable – low and behold it seems it is possible to have a truly scalable database without No SQL afterall, the shock of it, and what’s more Google are leading the charge with their F1 database: