Wow life is busy, everyone is busy with work, conferences, travel, family lives, hobbies, friends – it never stops and for me the things that have been dropping are the reading, tweeting and blogging so that’s got to change. This reading blog is quite eclectic and doesn’t reflect what I am working on more a collection of articles and posts that stood out in my mind when I finally sat down to right this on a Friday afternoon. Happy reading, Vic.

An Open Letter to Australian Startups – best thing I have read on the internet this week, valid for Startups in NZ and valid for startups in all industries and covers many points Shane and I find ourselves saying to people contemplating the challenges of starting a business.

Recruitment – first up an Infographic depicting the road to talent, don’t entirely agree but it is one of the better ones reminding us of influence, networks and communication; employing Gen-Y’s? here is a list of things to keep in mind that 20 year olds don’t get (yet); finally I randomly saw this on twitter, how to advertise a role and make it look attractive to candidates:

Culture and Leadership – spilling over from the recruitment topic is this article on bringing out the best in your employees – it highlights one of my strongest beliefs as an employer “Employees all have worth, and we all felt this when we hired them“; I loved this article, qualities of a loyal employee again totally reinforcing my own experience and reminding me how lucky we are to have such a strong team here at OptimalBI all demonstrating their loyalty every day, love it; this article was totally written for me – I revert to cliches all the time, I blame being busy but I need to stop! as this post called stop using these 30 phrases at work is telling me:

Data stuff – If you are into R for your analytical work here is a guide to 60 R resources; another salacious headline “think big data is all hype you’re not alone“; and Big Data and Business success together in one post is cool, this post touches on some great points including talking about the 3 P’s of Big Data – proprietary, public and purchased data:

Happiness – need to introduce some happiness into your life? check out this blog:

We are pretty happy round here – 10 of the NZ team went to Sydney earlier in the month for a conference, here we are, along with some of our Australian team in our #OptimalOrange – we had a blast! and it was great to have most of the team in one place. I will post a blog about the conference shortly too.