I skim read an article this week asking the question why do you blog? the author was surmising many people blog to sell their product / service, strengthen their personal brand or because a social media consultant told them to. I blog to share. Simple as that. No point in everyone reinventing the wheel, making the same mistakes or feeling isolated in this world when you can share what you know / learn / and in this case have read for the week. This week I have read heaps but the highlights can be categorised under business stuff, leadership and culture, data, business intelligence and social media. I have added a random section on IBM Watson it’s mind blowing capability and the computer’s foray into designing recipes. Happy reading Vic.

Business stuff – another article where the headline caught my interest “who cares about cost here’s how to structure your business to last“; then two articles from Bernard Marr on LinkedIN what the hell is a balanced scorecard and what the hell is a kpi; and for NZ business owners a topical post earthquake commercial leases; and finally I love this take out from an NBR article on Wellington could it be the city of innovation? “Invention + customer understanding + business nous + great team + go to market = innovation”:






Leadership and Culture – not usually bundled together but these articles and blogs cross over between the two topics – this first article is a great reminder of the key things I need to perfect – being brave enough not to speak; next is 3 leadership mandates for sustained growth and innovation; an article on the importance of employer branding; and finally new to my reading blog Tribal Culture, a topic a friend recently pointed me to when I wanted to explore the social value of our brand:





Social Media – first up an infographic on how to create the perfect social media post displayed by social media services (if you are starting to tweet – check this one out); a nice aggregation of various articles and posts on the topic of social media on scoop.it; nice infographic of how google understands what you want it’s more complex than you might have imagined; and finally another infographic on effective story telling in a social media context:





Business Intelligence and Data stuff – nice wee list of Data Visualisation tools out there along with tips and tricks; Microsoft have announced a BI product for all those Excel junkies out there Microsoft PowerBI; a new player in the Big Data space Treasure Data cloud based and hosted on Amazon – nice architecture diagram to help understand in this article; finally World Bank Open Data, here is how to access it through various API’s:





Watson the chef – when we were in the Cayman Islands one of the interesting things we participated in was IBM Watson designing the Best of IBM dessert, it was an interesting combination of random foods. The head Chef at Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman commented when he designs a recipe he tries to stick with 5-6 core ingredients, Watson had at least 15 including sweet, savoury and spicy – culminating in a mouse like three layered dessert – interesting and novel but not a recipe I chose to write down. The whole point of this was to demonstrate to us how vast Watson’s capability is, far beyond winning chess games and jeopardy game-shows – Watson is working through sitting the Medical Board Certifications for every medical science the potential of which is simply mind blowing. Here are a couple of articles about Watson and it’s potential, the first was it’s first recipe designed which reminded me to write about the trip experience: