I love headlines like “startup validation bullshit” and “beyond bogus corporate responsibility it’s time to get your hands dirty” so tend to read those posts and articles  – it’s great for maintaining a diverse reading log clicking on articles with cool titles. Both Shane and Kathryn pointed me to many of the articles that made my blog this week, so thanks. I’ve added links to the first of my holiday stories at the bottom just in case you want to be bored by my stories of the Caribbean – it must have been a good holiday if I am still prattling on about it. Happy reading, Vic.

Startups – both very thought provoking articles below – the first provides context around cost models, challenges whether a good idea is enough and is generally a good read with a great title, is startup validation bullshit; the second is an expose on when your startup goes wrong titled my startup has 30 days to live – every business owner should read this:




Data Scientists – the title everyone is talking about right now. This first post contains a list of skills a Data Scientist needs and embellishes on them with a subway-style map in a form of learning plan to become a Data Scientist, great visualisation; Anyone in the BI, Data, Information, BA or general IT management space needs to consider this great insight “There are a lack of competent business analysts who understand the correlation between the technology available to the business opportunities” from this short interesting post comparing “Business Analyst (BA) vs Data Scientist“; and finally “the difference between science and engineering” another controversial comparison at a macro level this time, again worth a read:




Leadership – great concept here, flip your organisation structure upside down, put customers first;  I hadn’t really thought about it this way, list of leadership traits with how a great follower interacts with them in “traits of great leaders and their followers“; for those who know me well you will have heard me prattle on about two things  quite a bit – the importance of culture and business architecture – this final article touches on these topics within the context of understanding your business model:




Culture – great quote from this first article “it’s not just enough to talk about a culture of purpose”, I love the link between culture and purpose; next is an article on walking the talk when it comes to corporate responsibility and getting your hands dirty – good point;




Visualisation – first link isn’t a visualisation itself but talks about the next wave in visualisation, voice activated results apparently; a periodic table of visualisation methods; and something you can do yourselves – a data visualisation of my LinkedIN network, interesting to see your own network influencers:




Holiday blogs – here are links to our first 3 holiday blogs, they are taking so much longer to write than we planned, keeping them short has been the main challenge, we had so much fun so there is so much to say: