Welcome back to my mid-week reading blog. It’s been over a month since the last post so keeping this short was a challenge. In the last month I have been to the Caribbean! it was awesome and there will be blogs on some of my experiences there as they relate to running a business coming soon. In this week’s reading blog a fantastic article on what’s wrong with the NZ Governments procurement practices, leadership, culture, strategy and startup articles along with a few BI and big data links. Happy reading. Vic.

Culture – might seem like commonsense but it’s good to be reminded that if you want your team to be creative and innovative you need to let them goof off (lots in my experience); an interesting notion needing friends at work – I certainly do but didn’t think this was a requirement for everyone?; not quite culture but these wee Christopher Niemann graphics on happiness are cute:




Strategy – I recently discovered this blog and liked this post on on why operational measures won’t enable strategic goals; what about this a strategy for decision making designed to embrace decisions without your influence, it is something we employed once and kinda lost sight of, might give it another go:



Leadership – I loved this article on why the best leaders are vulnerable; a nice expose on Leah Busque and her leadership style as CEO of TaskRabbit;



Startup – this first infographic is quite a cool illustration of startups with angel and venture capital (VC) investors: then an article on why not to raise VC funds; as a startup this article talks about focusing on pricing first; and finally a nice wee article on 3 strong foundations for small business startups:





Business Intelligence and Big Data – another cool infographic, this one provides fantastic perspective on size and scale in a data context; and a reminder that sometimes keeping it simple works, building a simple BI Dashboard with Visio; Forrester have put out this video explaining what a data scientist is, big data, analytics and so much more – as an overview it’s worth a watch; and finally an article with some suggestions on who is doing stuff with their big data:





NZ Biz – here is a link to a very well written article outlining the NZ governments current procurement practices and why they aren’t necessarily conducive to supporting NZ owned businesses, love it: