I arrived at work on my last day before leaving on holiday, feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the daunting to do list facing me before I depart, to find one of our wonderful team members had written a lovely stylised history of the OptimalHQ journey so far on our big green wall (imagine a Dr Suess style of story). It was brilliant – not just the story itself but the instant reminder that even though we are totally bogged down in the detail of our next big thing right now we have come so far already and anything is possible.

Generally speaking we are like every other small business owners who wear many hats and hold many roles – in any given day I can juggle negotiation of our next big contract, writing CV’s, processing bills and performing my most important daily role in the office of chief dishes fairy etc etc. Most days we are so busy with the detail of operations, staff, customers and where we are going we forget to look back at where we have been.

Don’t get me wrong we have regular business plan reviews and we celebrate our successes as they happen. Our business plan** is a “plan-on-a-page”, it clearly articulates our goals and objectives without pages of unnecessary detail and works really well for us combining our near term and long term goals within the context of customers, culture and operational / business objectives. Naturally however, we tend to reflect more closely on what we haven’t achieved, the missed opportunities and lessons learned so we gloss over the achievements because they are done – tick. Equally we tend to reflect on the last period vs the entire journey another natural bi-product of holding operational roles within our own business as well as that of owners and directors.

So this story of our journey so far was the perfect holiday farewell gift and my next piece of insight for any other business owners out there – remember to reflect on just how far you have come and how much you have achieved from time to time. You might be surprised, I was, it’s not that I had forgotten it’s just that I don’t think about our successful journey as often as I could and we have been successful – bet you have too!

Next chapter once I return from 3 weeks of R&R, yay. Vic.

** As an aside – Shane just tweeted a link to this article, a great post on business planning, cracking on with it and keeping it short: