Hi, welcome to my last reading blog for a few weeks! yep going on holiday which is going to be fantastic. This weeks list is shorter than usual but there are a few goodies on Big Data and Analytics, Leadership, Culture and Personal Brands. So enjoy the reading, feel free to post suggestions on what I should read when I return from sun bathing in the Caribbean via the comments or flick me an email victoria@optimalhq.com (I won’t reply I will be on a beach). Happy reading, Vic.

Big Data and Analytics basics – I liked this first article for it’s title as much as anything “what the hell is big data” have a read if you want to know; slightly more in-depth is this article on 5 steps to making BI smarter in big data analytics – great diagrams and explanation of how it all fits together; finally I have to admit I was attracted to this last article initially for the beautiful library photo, it’s excellent, but the article itself provides another perspective on the hype cycle that is Big Data:




Leadership and Culture – my favourite topics: This article on considerations for a creative culture is pretty good; then a advice piece on how to lead your virtual team effectively:



Personal Brands – we are all individuals and no matter who we work for our personal brand is unique and should be a strong statement in itself, this first article on whether you are obsessed with your professional identify provides an interesting insight; another topic I have covered recently is that of introverts, this blog by Rebekah Campbell on how to network as an introvert is brilliant (but I am not an introvert so perhaps it’s not?):



Business and Value – I call it the elevator pitch, others call it the BBQ story but this article calls it the 10 second test – your businesses value proposition pitch; the process of value creation and getting obsessed about creating value is a idea we have been working through quite a lot recently so this blog is a timely one;



Finally – this is a role I can see will become prevalent in the future (near future) the Customer Experience Professional, great idea: