Hello, another fabulously busy week here at OptimalHQ and in the published world of reading on the Internet. I am off on holiday in 2 weeks and plan to read real books – so will take a wee break from publishing this blog in June, might publish fabulous photos of tropical places just to make everyone jealous instead. Back to the topic in hand – mid-week reading. Loads of great stuff on culture and leadership this week, a range of Infographics because I just can’t get enough of those – my brain digests the information presented in pretty stylized layouts quite well it seems. Finally in the OMG section – I love The Civilian, an enterprising local youths total piss take of world events, it’s completely obvious if you actually read these articles they are spoofs but this week it seems X-Factor fans just didn’t get the joke! amazing. Happy reading, Vic

Careers – how many people actually invest in planning and managing their career?


Women in Business –  Interesting article on self awareness as an executive and how women have the edge on men with this regard:


Introverts – a few weeks ago I posted a series of links to articles on introverts, came across this one and felt it rounded the series out well:


Culture and Leadership – this list of articles are courtesy of Shane’s tweets and blog this week – first up a good article on when paying more stops paying off, interesting points and research; short, sharp and totally spot on, when culture turns into policy – a trap for young companies perhaps?; some very strong views in this article about what your culture really says – many I don’t agree with but certainly worth considering; and finally Focus this list of 10 things that leaders should do boils down to the one most important thing:





Infographics – love them – ignore the self promotion on market share from IBM and just read the What is Analytics part up front; and oldie but a goodie describing what is an infographic using lego (a commonly used tool here at OptimalHQ, describing IT terms with lego – hilarious too); this is a powerful visual technique depicting of the history of creating value; and finally the best kind of Infographic an interactive one, this snake-oil-supplements infographic has links to the studies it represents visually, quite cool:





Dashboards – loads of good dashboard ideas on this site, good if you are lacking inspiration building your next one;


OMG – here is a link to The Civilian, check out the X-Factor article (and when you have time for a good chuckle just read the other articles) then a link to one mainstream media’s coverage of the fallout from this article, the mind boggles: