Hello, what an amazing week reading wise. I was completely floored when I first read Angelina Jolie’s piece in the NY Times yesterday, stunning piece of writing – quite surprisingly open. On the work front this week I have included another random wee collection of articles and blogs. Standouts for me are  in the Big Data / Analytics space – Hadoop not just for Big Data but traditional ETL storage and Do predictive modellers need to know Math? There is just so much to read these days so I have included a link to a blog which is itself a collection top reading blogs – knock yourselves out, happy reading, Vic.

Interviews, jobs and work/life balance – I have used some of these unconventional interview questions in the past, might adopt others and see how they work out; this HBR blog on matrix management and when it works or doesn’t is worth a read; and as I have said before I love articles that reinforce my existing views – this one on not balancing work and life and feeling great meets that criteria:




Business and Culture – these were from Shane’s tweets this week: Firstly a great advice article on growth and the impact of that growth; then Hubspot is one of the many companies whose culture we really admire and aspire to:



Big Data and Analytics –  Fascinating article on what Hadoop implementations are being used for – storing traditional ETL “poor mans ETL” or better yet “unsupervised digital landfill” two great quotes from this first article; Equally fascinating topic – do predictive modellers need to know Math? I can see this polarising our team, what do you think?; then visual analysis tools essential feature set; and finally, I was wondering why Greenplum hadn’t been registering in my twitter or other feeds so went hunting and found Greenplum is now part of Pivotal, here’s the overview:





Productivity, Leadership and Reading – Man I am pleased to see the Cayman Islands aren’t in the Bermuda Triangle of Productivity – love the pic though; One Leadership related blog I have thought a lot about this week on the topic of not being a wimp, on reflection something we all encounter more often than not in managers and leaders; and finally another great blog with links to 10 blogs that will help you stay up to date with your reading: