Wow it’s a busy time of year, and believe it or not the year is almost half way through – eeek. This week I have included some different, cool and just plain interesting articles and blogs. Happy reading. Vic.

Workplace happiness – working for the right person has a huge bearing on your happiness in the workplace, were you hired by a really good boss?; then this basic job categorisation surprised me at first, but thinking about it I can see who the producers, improvers, builders and thinkers are here at OptimalHQ so it seems to be spot on; and finally think you love your job? take this survey to confirm it – 14 telling signs you love your job:

NZ Business – we live and work and compete in a small market here in NZ so it is always disappointing and somewhat baffling when our government or it’s major agencies award projects to offshore companies, who often don’t employ local staff or contribute to our tax pool via local taxes. In the recent case of Inland Revenue awarding a massive project to an offshore company we were all astounded at the budget – how can such a small economy, clearly suffering from a reduced tax take, possibly justify a project of over $1.5 Billion to replace the system managing that tax collection? Queue Rod Drury – his fantastic open letter to IRD created quite the twitter storm culminating in our Revenue Minister Peter Dunne’s assurance that the $1.5 Billion is just the budget! it feels like a Tui advert in the making, we all know what happens to the budget in these massive “boil the ocean” sized projects – they only go up from there:

Women in Business – First up a nice wee article on keeping all of the plates spinning in the air and getting everything done by wearing your wonder woman knickers; then love her or hate here there is actually a lot to learn from Lady Gaga when it comes to brand and marketing; finally an interesting article on the US government providing greater opportunities for businesses owned by women to be awarded government contracts:

Big Data and HR rolled into one article – interesting results in this article, how connected a person feels as a correlation to their tenure, and employees who give the right answers are often the worst workers among other things;

Here is a useful site for links to loads of big data and analytics news, articles and links;

This is cool! big data and analytics in action to show the mood of the western world, currently based on Twitter but soon to add Google+ and other social media sites. If you filter on just one year (like ytd 2013) you can visually pick out major holiday event high days (Christmas, Valentines etc) and disaster related low days (bombings, shootings etc).