Hello and welcome, you’d have thought I wouldn’t have much to share given the last post was only published on Friday but it seems there are still billions of new pages created on the internet everyday so more than enough to find wonderfully interesting and well written articles and blogs. On the subject of billions of pages I have included a section on Big Data again augmented by a couple of articles on Open Data – a topic I am very passionate about. Management, Recruitment, Business and Entrepreneurs also feature with the return of the OMG section, Stark Industries use Oracle’s Cloud – what did they pay to sponsor the new IronMan move to get this kind of fictional publicity I wonder? Happy reading, Vic

Big Data – haven’t read anything new on this topic for a while then came across or stumbledupon (I love that app www.stumbleupon.com) these three:  very nice overview of the Big Data technology stack at the moment, easy to read if pitched at a technical audience; Best opening line in an article this week goes to this article on the growing importance of timing, and therefore role of Hadoop, in data centres – “Like a bad episode of Hoarders, people love to store all things digital, most of which will never be accessed again“;  finally also for the more technical audience Storm and Hadoop – need I say more.




One source I have found for these articles worth keeping an eye on is http://www.hadoopweekly.com/Hadoop-Weekly-7.html

Open Data – same theme but different topic; Awesome challenge Open Data initiative of US cities, from this article it would seem Chicago alone has opened up 30G of data to the public in the last 2 years, things like realtime road closure, services status, bus times, health inspections of restaurants, quite cool; and here is a nice wee article on the role of Open Data in the charity sector:



Managment and Recruitment – Rebekah Campbell writes a good blog, her product is very cool too although I haven’t really put the effort into my street yet (www.posse.com). This blog reflecting on what she has learned from her own successes and mistakes hiring is insightful and has full of good advice; When I first read this post on hiring mistakes that can crush your company I wasn’t inspired, perhaps it was the cliche’s or the turn of phrase used, but I found myself thinking about the article alot this week – reflecting on how closely it aligns with our values here at OptimalHQ and our own hiring style; finally a nice management technique of not telling your employees what to do, so they take ownership and initiative and own the outcome:




Business and Entrepreneurs – reading this first article you might think it takes someone really specific to be a successful entrepreneur, the article is correct you do need to be all of these things when driving your business forward, but as it also highlights you need to bring others into your team to compliment your own strengths; this slide share on developing your business model has a wonderful slide – how to create, deliver and harvest value – it’s worth a read through as you initiate or re-validate your own business models; struggling to get started? in the Business 101 camp this is one of the better to do lists I have come across:




OMG – is this sad or funny? I caught sight of it via a tweet which said “Stark Industries use Oracle Cloud. Is this what happens when you don’t have actual customers” http://www.oracle.com/us/ironman3/omag-mj13-ironman-1936895.pdf