Hi, I have had a terrible cold this week – lame excuse but I’ll blame that on this reading blog’s late publication. After my wee rant up front about Oracle and IBM’s reasons for their poor quarterly results I have included some articles and blogs on management, staff, a list of 15 things to inspire you, Seth Godin’s wisdom and using an ice cream truck for crowd control. Towards the end this weeks best article on Marissa Mayer followed by Gabrielle Giffords amazing, tear inducing piece on gun controls, a stunning piece of writing. Happy Reading, Vic.

Big Business – I can’t remember ever seeing a global technology giant like Oracle so publicly blame their salesforce for failing to sell – they usually hide behind market conditions! so the reasons like “lack of urgency” and “the problem was largely sales execution” are astounding, possibly true but astounding to be said so publicly; Conversely IBM wasn’t quite as blatant in blaming their salesforce using a softer turn of phrase “We should have closed….”, I do like their terminology for mass restructuring “workload rebalancing” that’s a new one:



Management and Staff – I have always worked on the basis everyone tells everyone else they work with what they earn, seems disclosing your salary isn’t always the done thing; interesting piece on age discrimination in the workforce and keeping yourself relevant;



Culture – I try hard not to include Seth Godin in every weekly reading blog especially since everyone else reads his blog too, just in case you missed it this one on the courage and fortitude it takes to live and breath your mission and values; Food for thought here on why large companies act like seven year olds, nice example of controlling a crowd with an ice cream truck too:



Business Inspiration – this first article is more personal inspiration, love the 15 suggestions, no matter who you are or what you do, recommend everyone has a read; then some nice tips on networking;



Marissa Mayer – the Yahoo changes are still playing themselves out in the media, here is one of the better articles from this week:


Stunning – Just because this is a strong, eloquent piece of writing – Gabrielle Gifford is a strong woman and I hope she wins this battle: