Hello, what a significant week it’s been in news and politics – the shocking bombings in Boston, NZ Parliament busy passing the marriage equality legislation (and the Mondayising of holidays act as well in one night), Margaret Thatchers funeral, North Korea …. the list goes on. My reading blog however focuses on a couple of less significant topics on a global scale but important in the scheme of business, leadership and technology. Hope you find something of interest here. Happy reading Vic.

Introverts and Extroverts – a recent topic of conversation in our growing team has been considering the balance between Shane, Bronnie and my own somewhat extroverted behavior (not saying we are even vaguely on the same level but we are at one end of the spectrum in our team) and everyone else so I have been doing some reading on the topic.  First up, what extroverts do that annoy introverts is a nice wee summary with examples of our annoying behaviour; then worth consideration the “ambiverts”, something I have read before stated more assertively this time; finally a link to an article that draws together the wonderful Susan Cain – from this site you can watch her Ted Talk – and a fantastic YouTube clip called “The power of Introverts – Ep 1” narrated by Daniel Lomas – everyone should watch this; the last ink is to Susan Cain’s website where you can also read her blog and about her book Quiet, The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking:





HR and Leadership – if you know me well you will have had my usual lecture on traditional HR practices and the generic corporate HR department behaviour so I won’t go on. This first article however poses a good first step towards deconstructing traditional HR, it would be a step in the right direction; how to scale your leadership style – something I hadn’t thought about before but important in a growing business, good pointers worth further investigation; finally here is some advice on the benefits of involving the team in business planning and the resulting ownership:




Procrastinating? – I am always looking for advice (yes a form of procrastination) on how to stop procrastinating and getting things done, here is one article with a few tips:


Technology stuff – smart meters in the UK will mean the metservice can’t predict the forecast? interesting reading;  Microsoft price matching Amazon in the cloud services space – boring? or inevitable?;  the cloud Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing space is hotting up, this article provides a nice summary of the challenges and opportunities of DW in the cloud:




Here here, surely every business who earns an income in a country – whether New Zealand or Ireland or where ever – should pay taxes on that income in the country itself, seems like common sense to me: