Hi, if you follow this blog you will have noticed I didn’t publish one last week so this is a combo of two weeks reading pared back into a digestible list. I spent most of last week in the big smoke of Sydney which was fun, I managed to shop a little, fit in a run around some bays and catch up with old mates – along with my productive schedule of business meetings and followup conversations. For the most part this trip hasn’t influenced the reading below but did provide me with a few wonderful opportunities to read longer articles and blogs – which I usually forgo due to time constraints. Hope you get something useful out of this. Happy reading Vic.

Cool visualisation to check out – http://www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org/

Recruitment – I read alot of CV’s and find myself mentally rewriting most of them, point 2 in this article on the 3 biggest resume mistakes is the main issue I encounter; this summary of how social media services can and are being used in the recruitment space (8 ways to peel back the onion):



Management – so many articles on management this week; apparently our least engaged employees might also be our most productive according to bad at their jobs and loving it – not sure I agree but there is a study; I loved this article on Change – it has a great tagline Shift Happens, employees can’t just get over it; finally on this topic a possibly controversial article providing us with seven rules for managing creative-but-difficult people:


here is a different spin on the same research on HBR http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/04/your_least_engaged_employees_m.html



Personal development – I don’t read self help stuff but I am often attracted to these personal development type articles; firstly improving the way you are perceived by projecting a successful image; follow that up with why you’re probably wrong about how others really see you; and finally this insightful – yet commonsense when you think about it – insight into delivering a message (what words matter most when you talk) is long but really worth the read, it provides examples of how the brain reacts to certain words and how the words we use impact the message received:




Women in Business – I haven’t included this section for a few weeks so here are a couple of recent articles;  interesting thoughts in this blog on how women (specifically in this blog midlife women) are held back by tolerating things they shouldn’t; back to the subject of Marissa Mayer this provides a good summary on brand and culture; extending the midlife women theme this article called “yes, marketers, there is life after mummyblogging” asks a valid question why marketers are ignoring an emerging group of women who have disposable income – female baby-boomers:




Random collection of articles – there were no Zumba instructors 10 years ago, check out the rest of this list of jobs that didn’t exist; I tweeted a link to this blog, best line “cloud computing has passed the peak of inflated expectations and is heading for the trough of disillusionment at full speed” – awesome; finally I did like this post on 6 steps to a more social business, good pointers: