Hi, welcome to my mid-week reading blog. This week I have been quite taken with a few organisational, human resource and people related articles along with a few software as a service developments. Check out the OMG article at the end of this post, can’t believe shops can get away with charging people to come in and browse! understand their logic but don’t believe it’s sustainable. Perhaps they need both a physical store and online presence so that once the customers has looked at, tried on, touched the product and goes home to websurf for the best deal they would buy the same product online from that same retailer? just a thought. Happy reading, Vic.

Organisational and HR – this first article could have been in the OMG category as well, tracking employees with productivity sensors? what next, how will that create an open, creative and happy workforce if we start doing this?; check out this Infographic on the highest paid, lowest paid, weirdest and best and worst jobs;  huge, huge issue facing us all is the age and experience gap between baby boomers and gen-Y’s, nice article on acceptance and “ending the war”:




Organisational Development and Management articles that I found thought provoking this week were – Fire your Managers, aimed at Entrepreneurs and startups this article totally rings bells for me, strengthening the team over having people to manage them would certainly work in a small enterprise such as our own; this March Madness blog, while a basketball analogy is a lovely post on considering your own role in a team, the context of support for your broader team and contributing to that teams success; almost as controversial as firing your managers – solving the ego problem in your team;




Entrepreneurs – If like us you do own and operate your business you should like this article, there a lot to relate to here and a cool new phrase “wantrapreneurs”:


Technology and SaaS (Software As A Service) stuff – changing face of customer service, great article on Zendesk; Google Keep vs Evernote, is there any competition? this comparison would indicate no; the final article is a mixed bag including the best time to tweet, should you friend your parents on facebook and some links to other tools and techniques for social media in business:




OMG – is this really where physical stores are going? charging a $5 fee to browse what they have for sale, I was floored when I read this article, what do you think?: