Hello, I have been at the New Zealand Oracle User Group (NZOUG) conference this week, so my reading blog is going to take a slightly different structure this time to align with some of the topics I enjoyed or was prompted to think about both yacking with people and attending a few presentations there.

Happy reading Vic.

Customer Experience – a minor conference theme, Oracle are quite proud of their own Customer Experience story along with their products they sell in this space. Below is a link to the Oracle Customer Expereience resources page with a few white papers and webinars worth a look.


Since the conference I have read some recent blogs on customer experience. Here are some highlights. Whether you have a Chief Customer Officer or take a customer experience focused view this first blog has some good discussion points; I hadn’t read about the IKEA effect before, this is a good summary with a link to the Harvard Business Review study; 10 ways to connect with customers in this CX Journey blog; and this 10 magic phrases of customer service – both are good reminder lists:





and I couldn’t have a list of links on Customer Experience without one to Seth Godin’s blog. One of the presenters at NZOUG went to Oracle Open World because it was the cheapest conference where they could listen to Seth Godin live! awesome problem solving technique:


Personal Development – Some random thoughts I had while sitting through less than stimulating moments on the coference were about delegation and how it allowed me to spend this time; and the importance of personal responsibility, something we are born with or that develops over time?



Technology stuff – Oracle spoke alot about OVM but I think the big news this week is IBM’s embracing OpenStack (going to shake up the market a little); and lacking from the NZOUG was anything inspiring or sexy on visualisation so here are a couple of links worth taking a look at: